Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

If you are getting married in Thailand or just before you register your marriage in Thailand, speak to one of our solicitors about the benefits of having a prenuptial agreement drafted in Thailand. Speak to us today about your prenuptial agreement in Thailand before you marry.

Many think that a prenuptial agreement is a bad omen however the very same people don’t consider the fact that their car has a spare wheel just in case. It is odd when people would think a spare wheel in a car is good but that a prenuptial agreement is bad. It makes no sense. There is nothing wrong with having a prenuptial in the event that something goes wrong.

Benefits of a Prenuptial AgreementThe prenuptial is also good in the even that you have family in the US or UK and in the event of your death it makes your estate much easier to manage across different countries. If your fiancée refuses to sign a prenuptial then lets face it, it tells you a lot about how she views you. Prenuptials are not the end of the world however being without one in the event of a divorce can be a nightmare. During a divorce the prenuptial gives you leverage in the even that there is a dispute about the custody of the children.

Should you decide not to live in Thailand and are taking your fiancée back home then the prenuptial agreement will protect all your assets. Many men who do get divorced in the US usually are ‘taken to the cleaners’ by their wife. A very good example in the US was an American who married a woman from an Asian country and the Judge in Nevada stated that he was exploiting her by bring her to America getting divorced and not wanting to share his assets only a year after getting married.

If you are looking at taking your wife back to the UK, be aware that your wife could very well use the Legal Aid system to keep you in court for months while you have to pay your own solicitor in the UK. It can be and will be very costly if you don’t have a prenuptial agreement. Take good advice, speak to a solicitor before you get married in Thailand.

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