Thailand Marriage Visa

Thai Visa

If you are getting married in Thailand or already have then consider a Thai marriage visa if you wish to visit or live in Thailand. Foreign spouses are of course, allowed to stay in Thailand. However, in order to do so, they must possess the appropriate travel document that would guarantee their stay in the country.


Solicitors in Thailand

Thailand Solicitors

If you need to speak to a solicitor in Thailand about marriage registration, divorce, property transfers or immigration to Thailand then speak to us online now or walk into any of our offices in Thailand. With expatriate solicitors and lawyers in Thailand we are best able to assist you.

Property and your Wife in Thailand

Thai Wife

If you are married to a Thai in Thailand then you need to have a brief overview of the laws of Thailand with regards to property. Property law in Thailand by comparison is much different from property laws in the US or UK so ensure you have proper legal advice in Thailand.