Property and your Wife in Thailand

If you are married to a Thai in Thailand then you need to have a brief overview of the laws of Thailand with regards to property. Property law in Thailand by comparison is much different from property laws in the US or UK so ensure you have proper legal advice in Thailand.

If you need advice on family law or property law in Thailand then speak to one of our solicitors in Thailand as this is mainly a brief guide as to how Thai law operates in Thailand. It’s a very basic overview however you might find it of interest with regards to your rights in Thailand. Again – speak to a solicitor in Thailand about property laws.

Property and your Wife in ThailandIn Thai law there are 2 types of property. There is private property and common property. Private property (Sin Suan Tua) in the eyes of Thai law is viewed as any property which was own by you before marriage. Property for personal use such as your shoes or clothing and what in the West would be known as your tools of trade. Common property (Sin Somros) however is property which your accrued during the marriage. This is where the main conflict comes between Thai and US and UK law. Anything which you or your wife may obtain from someones will is going to be jointly owned. Say you live in Thailand and you are married without a prenuptial agreement and your parents die and leave you a million dollars. You would have to share this with your Thai wife. Now you might understand why a prenuptial agreement is important. The fruits of private property is also common property. Your rental from your house in the US will be seen as common property.

Be very careful with Thai and US or UK laws as they do conflict from time to time. What has been highlighted is just one of those conflicts which could very well leave you penniless.

If you need to know more about prenuptial and property laws in Thailand then speak to one of our solicitors in Thailand about it. Rather take good advice than advice off a forum or from a friend who might know nothing about it. Speak to us online on our main website, via our toll-free US or UK telephone numbers or simple walk into any of our offices in Thailand. See our main website for more details!

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