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If you are considering buying a condo in Thailand then speak to one of our solicitors in Thailand regarding property law. Buying a condo in Thailand is one of the easiest forms of property ownership in Thailand.  Speak to us today about property in Thailand.

Most expats who live in Thailand buy a condo. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly the cost of maintaining the property is very low and secondly the paperwork involved is far less than trying to buy a house or a villa. The condo market in Thailand is also very good which means that you would not have much difficulty leasing the property when not being used. Many foreigners do rent out their condo on one year leases while they are back in the US or UK. This not only allows the person to make a profit but also to pay for the upkeep of the property.

Buying a CondoIn Bangkok some of the best locations tend to be close to mass transit such as the Sky train or the underground system. If you have lived in Thailand then you would know that morning hour peak traffic is painful to say the least. Property located close to any of the current or proposed always make for a good investment. Speak to our solicitors in Bangkok about buying property in Thailand and let him look at the property contract first. Don’t sign unless a solicitor has looked at the contract.

Buying a condo in Thailand is only one of the options. Many foreigners opt for renting which is much easier than buying. You can rent a condo with an option to buy the property and most sales for expats are based this way. Firstly you get to know the people in the area and the traffic levels. Many people tend to move around once their lease is complete as they did no like an area. When you are new to Thailand is usually the best option as it allows you to get a feel for the area and the condo. Not all condo units are equal especially when they are not new. Many condo developers years ago took shortcuts when building so you might have water leaks which only show in winter or monsoon season or the roads downstairs at your condo might simply flood during some rain. These are all things which you do not know when looking at a condo unit so it is always best to try before you buy.

If you are looking to rent or buy a condo unit in Thailand then speak to any of our solicitors in Thailand. With offices in all the major cities of Thailand you would best be served by a solicitor who knows the country and the developers. Speak to us online or our main website or call out toll-free US or UK telephone numbers.

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